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Colon-/Hydro therapy

(Hydro = water/Colon = Large intestine)

Colon-/Hydro therapy

Bowel cleanses are one of the earliest medical treatments and have been performed throughout the centuries with various apparatuses. For example, the intestinal enema was a popular method during the time of the Sun King Louis XIV (approx. 17th century) and provided a quick cure for constipation after lavish meals and general malaise. This treatment was already effective in those days. Today, it provides the foundation for modern colon-/hydro therapy during which the bowel is gently cleansed of waste products and deposits. The natural cleansing process removes accumulated intestinal contents from the intestinal walls in a hygienic, clean and thorough manner and forms the basis for the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa and thus for well-being and healing.


Colon-/hydro therapy consists of flushing the large intestine with tempered water. The patient relaxes in a comfortable supine or lateral position while receiving 2-3 flushing cycles for approx. half an hour. The warm water relaxes and loosens the intestinal muscles. A gentle stomach massage is beneficial during the flushing procedure. The loosened intestinal content is odourlessly drained with a drain hose. The patient already experiences a freeing and revitalising feeling after the first colonic irrigation.