Customer Services
We have replacement equipment available for every device model which can be sent to the customer via parcel courier on the same day (before 2 p.m.) in the event of a customer service call. The parcel courier will swap the two devices over.
Practice: Call us on +49 (0)7257-929700 or e-mail us:, specifying the device type. Check the address and the device will be sent out.

kundendienst Customer Services

Available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Customer service costs

In the year the company was founded, 1978 – i.e. a few years after the oil crisis – it was possible to estimate how transport costs would develop. For this reason, only devices were developed for the medical sector that can be transported via normal parcel courier services. This means that we are able to offer what is arguably the cheapest, fastest, “round-the-clock” customer service. The transport costs in no way reflect the level of on-site customer service. Customer service cannot be provided any cheaper.

Staff training over the Internet
We are now able to offer additional instruction on how to use our equipment, as well as staff training, visually and online, if required.
Requirement: Conventional PC or laptop with Internet access (at least 2 MBit/s (DSL)), headset and/or webcam, specification of the device type, device number and the preferred time window via e-mail: or call +49 (0)7257-929700.

Maintenance requirements and costs
All medical equipment must be subjected to regular maintenance as per the MPL (Medical Products Law). Humares® products avoid the inevitable transport costs incurred by customer service engineers. Fixed prices make maintenance requirements manageable for Humares® products. To the Directives

Important information regarding second-hand equipment!

Occasionally, practices may sell devices via sales portals on the Internet as a result of changes in their treatment concept.
It is possible that these devices are bought and then resold by intermediaries.
In this case, § 5 “Directive on the Installation, Operation and Use of Medical Products” must be observed in every instance. To the Directives. This states that the buyer “…must be trained in the correct handling, use and operation of the medical product”. Please also bear in mind that medical products may only be sold or operated if they bear the CE mark. Particular care must be taken to ensure that any older equipment being sold bears this CE mark.
If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Customer service and spare parts after 25 years
We often have customers who are preparing to hand over their practices. If one of our devices fails in this time, we offer a special service for equipment that is older than 25 years. Since we are the manufacturer of all components, we are able to retrofit spare parts effortlessly and cheaply, therefore maintaining our customers’ trusted equipment. This level of service shows the grateful, trusting association we have with our clients; a relationship that is highly valued on both sides.