Humacolon® Scope

Sometimes, it can be useful to view the irrigation liquid as it drains, along with the bowel contents. The viewing tubes used even until today are very unsuitable for daily use in practice. They need to be cleaned and disinfected after each colonic hydrotherapy treatment. At the same time, these viewing tubes must be positioned below the couch, due to the way the system is configured, making conversation with the patient difficult.

Die Humares1 GmbH 10 Humacolon<sup>®</sup> Scope

Humacolon® Scope

The Humacolon® Scope is connected to the drainage hose and transfers the image to a monitor, which allows inspection and conversation with the patient at the same time. Cleaning or disinfection are not necessary, since the camera is not contaminated.
Have a look also at the information DVD about Humacolon®.


  • The monitor can be fitted at any location.
  • Monitor images can be stored and printed out via a normal PC or directly on the printer.
  • The three primary colours with UV lighting facilitate better illumination and assessment of the flushed-out bowel contents.
  • 2 year device guarantee
  • Colonic hydrotherapy seminars are offered on a regular basis
  • Free Humacolon® DVD available