The unique, economical colonic hydrotherapy concept

Die Humares1 GmbH 91 298x300 Humacolona<sup>®</sup>

Data sheets:

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  • Wall-mounted device
  • Footswitch for remote control
  • Standardised connections (Luer)
  • Temperature-assured irrigation liquid
  • Temperature display
  • Temperature preselect
  • Fill pressure measurement
  • Volume measurement
  • Variable pump pressure
  • No cleaning or disinfection required after treatment
  • No placebo treatments are possible
  • 2 year device guarantee
  • Humacolon® seminars are offered on a regular basis
  • Free Humacolon® DVD available

The patented intestine tube avoids any contact between soiled fluid and the device.

Can be transported and shipped in its original box (approx. 3 kg, depth, 27 cm, width, 30 cm, height, 12 cm).

Humacolona® is classified according to the EU Directive on Medical Products 93/42/EEC as a IIa device and certified by the EUROCAT/BSI Institute for Certification and Testing GmbH (CE 0086).