Ozone, what can it do? Why is it essential for life?

Ozone is present in very low concentrations in the atmosphere. By wayOzon 1 300x200 Ozone of example, in each 10 million or so “air particles”, only around 4 or 6 of them are ozone molecules.

But the fact that ozone is of such central importance to life on earth comes from its excellent ability to absorb UV radiation. This ozone layer acts like a “UV protection shield” wrapped around the earth.

UV radiatOzon 2 150x104 Ozoneion particularly affects lower organisms (bacteria, protozoa), but also external organs.

DNA can be damaged by exposure to too much UV radiation.

In unprotected areas, the skin is attacked, which can lead to the dreaded melanoma.

A Humares® GmbH patent:

For the quantitative determination of ozone we use precisely this extremely effective ability to absorb UV radiation. As a result, we are able to carry out very reliable measurements of ozone down to the ppm (parts per million (10^(-6))) range.

Ozone bleaches dyes and paper:Ozon6 300x121 Ozone

Using the example of indigo-dyed jeans, ozone oxidises the blue dye first to yellow, then to colourless isatin.

In industry, most chlorine-free products are treated with ozone.

Ozone in washing machines:

some washing machines eliminate odours and disinfect laundry with ozone. Laundries also use this technique.

Ozone in second-hand cars:

The oxidising effect of ozone converts smells into odourless vapours. Similarly, germs and odour-causing bacteria can also be reliably exterminated, even in inaccessible places.

Ozone in the waterworks:

ozone is used in waterworks for the environmentally-friendly oxidation of iron, manganese and organic matter, but also for disinfection.

Ozone in the swimming pool:

by treating the swimming pool water with ozone, significantly less chlorine needs to be added.

Ozone in human medicine:

ozone is used in many different ways in alternative medicine and has been used in Europe for over 50 years. Worldwide, there are currently controlled studies going on into autohaemotherapy and studies looking into how ozone works. The handling of autohaemotherapy is simplicity itself. Blood is taken from the patient and then mixed with an ozone-oxygen mixture. This blood is then returned to the patient either intravenously or by intramuscular injection. To the case studies

Ozone in dentistry:

ozonised water is used in the treatment of gingivitis and marginal periodontitis, but also in antimicrobial mouthwash.

Ozone in veterinary medicine:

Pictures speak more than a thousand words …

Hund 100Tage 300x120 Ozone

The healing process assisted by ozone treatment

Ozon 4 OzoneOzon 5 Ozone