The highlights of Humazon® Ozone-therapy-device:

Patented ozone sampling valve
The sampling valve is the most important part of an ozone device and it must be protected against contamination. The patented HUMARES®-ozone sampling valves are verified in avoiding pollution. Contrary to this, there are ozone-therapy-devices on the market, without any protection of the ozone sampling valve against pollution.

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In times of non-use, the ozone valve is dustproof and closed by a spring-type terminal.
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By sliding the valve to right side, the valve opens and a sterile ozone-resistant filter can be easily inserted. Afterwards the mixture of
ozone and oxygen can be withdrawn by the Sangiset® connection or with the ozoneresistant syringe.
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If needed the valve can be removed counter-clockwise and the cone can be sterilized.

Further characteristics of Humazon® ozone-therapy-devices:
Simple handling, together with highest reliability, usability and important functions for the daily use, meet the criteria for the Humazon® ozone-therapy-devices.

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All Humazon® ozone devices are equipped with a Clean-Check system. When the device is turned on, all necessary functions are automatically checked. At presence of any problem such as no medical oxygen or gas leaking, the device does not work and an error signal is displayed. If there are no problems, all gas running hoses and pipes are cleaned with ozone-resistant syringe.
Adjustment of concentration
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The concentration is adjusted by digital potentiometer and calibrated photometric for the whole range of concentration (0, 1, 2,3,… to 70μ/ml or 0-80μ/ml)..

Calculation of dose
dosisberechnung Humares Highlights

In case of ozone-withdrawal the delivered ozone-dose is calculated automatically and shown on the display.
Vacuum pump
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All Humazon® ozone devices are equipped with a vacuum pump. The vacuum system is connected to a thermal catalytic destructor, so unused or leftover ozone can be turned back to oxygen and released to ambient air. Also the vaccum pump can be used for drawing blood and bagging therapy. The suction power is displayed at a digital screen in millibars.

Sangiset®-combined infusion bottle 2 Humares Highlights

Ozone-therapy with Sangiset®-combined infusion bottle.

Sangiset® is a patented major autohaemotherapy set, that carries all necessary features for a perfect therapy. Sangiset® is a very light weight major autohaemotherapy set that is very simple to stock, stow away and dispense as medical waste. It is made of unbreakable and ozoneresistant material. It is integrated with:

1. Top extension with Luer-lock connection for vacuuming and ozone injection
2. Blood extension line with Luer-lock connection with a roller clamp
3. Blood filter
4. Two silicone injection plugs, the one on the top is detachable and the one at the bottom is fixed

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Autohaemotherapy with Sangiset®
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The blood can be ozonated through the connection on the top of the Sangiset®- system.
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The blood can be gassed with the mixture of ozone and oxygen through the bottom injection valve of the bottle. A needle connected with a Humazon-extension is required. The blood will bubble in the bottle.