Portable Humazon®

The mobile device for in-practice and home visits – the world’s first battery-operated ozone therapy device that can even be operated with solar power.

portabel ausgeschnitten 300x266 Humazon<sup>®</sup> portable10years guarantee Humazon<sup>®</sup> portable

  • Automatically illuminated text in the local language
  • Photometrically calibrated ozone concentration from 0 – 80µg/ml +/-5%
  • Ozone volume up to 19,999 µg
  • Vacuum of 0 – 800 mbar
  • Automatic integrated charger
  • Battery management
  • Built-in ozone extractor
  • Thermal self-regulating ozone catalytic converter

As soon as it is switched on, the portable Humazon® carries out a self-test. If the transfer valve is dirty, there is no oxygen present, the air pressure is outside the tolerated limits or the battery charge is not sufficient for at least 2 autohaemotherapy treatments, an error message is generated. Only once all defined parameters have been checked can the device be used for treatment.


  • Dustproof cover on the ozone transfer valve
  • Automatic clean check
  • Sterilisable transfer valve
  • Smallest possible air dead space
  • Suitable for Luer standard syringes and filters
  • Seals with long-term stability
  • Lockable for continuous removal
  • Display: 2 x 16-character text display
  • Automatic background lighting
  • Infinite potentiometer (ozone concentration)
  • Waterproof front plate
  • Oxygen cylinder with fill level display
  • Minimum oxygen use
  • 10 year ozone tube guarantee
  • 2 year lithium battery guarantee
  • 2 year device guarantee
  • Automatic deep discharge protection
  • Self-actuating, thermal ozone catalytic converter


Can be transported and shipped in its original box
(approx. 4.8 kg, depth. 12, width. 30, height. 27 cm with carrying handle).

Portable Humazon® is classified according to the EU Directive on Medical Products 93/42/EEC as a IIb device and certified by the EUROCAT/BSI Institute for Certification and Testing GmbH (CE 0086).