Humazon® ProMedic

The universal ozone therapy device – suitable for all treatments

Die Humares1 GmbH 11 300x201 Humazon<sup>®</sup> ProMedic

Areas of application:

  • Major autohaemotherapy, as extracorporal blood treatment
  • Minor autohaemotherapy, as extracorporal blood treatment and i.m. injection
  • Rectal ozone gas insufflations
  • Subcutaneous Injection (under the skin)
  • Injection treatments with syringe (I.m./s.c./i.a.)
  • Ozonized water with Humares® System (max. 60 seconds)
  • Treatment of spider veins
  • Nasal inhalations

Data sheets:

de Humazon<sup>®</sup> ProMedicengland Humazon<sup>®</sup> ProMedicungarn Humazon<sup>®</sup> ProMedicjp Humazon<sup>®</sup> ProMedicrumaenien Humazon<sup>®</sup> ProMediccn Humazon<sup>®</sup> ProMedic


  • Automatic Clean-check
  • Ozone valve (dust-tight / air-tight barrier)
  • patented sterilizable ozone valve
  • digital ozone concentration display (to regulate 0-70µg/ml)
  • Dose calculation 0-9999µg
  • Vacuum pump down to minus 600mbar
  • integrated catalyzer
  • justified photometric
  • Low oxygen detection
  • 2 years generator guarantee
  • 10 years guarantee of the ozone-pipe


Can be transported and shipped in its original box

(approx. 7.6 kg, depth, 42 cm, width, 50 cm, height, 16 cm).

Humazon® ProMedic is classified according to the EU Directive on Medical Products 93/42/EEC as a IIb device and certified by the EUROCAT/BSI Institute for Certification and Testing GmbH (CE 0086).