Sangiset®-combined infusion bottle 2 Sangiset<sup>®</sup>

Ozone-therapy with Sangiset®-combined infusion bottle.

Sangiset® is a patented major autohaemotherapy set, that carries all necessary features for a perfect therapy. Sangiset® is a very light weight major autohaemotherapy set that is very simple to stock, stow away and dispense as medical waste. It is made of unbreakable and ozoneresistant material. It is integrated with:

1. Top extension with Luer-lock connection for vacuuming and ozone injection

2. Blood extension line with Luer-lock connection with a roller clamp

3. Blood filter

4. Two silicone injection plugs, the one on the top is detachable and the one at the bottom is fixed

sangiset Sangiset<sup>®</sup>

Autohaemotherapy with Sangiset®

sangiset 1 Sangiset<sup>®</sup>

The blood can be ozonated through the connection on the top of the Sangiset®- system.

sangiset 2 Sangiset<sup>®</sup>

The blood can be gassed with the mixture of ozone and oxygen through the bottom injection valve of the bottle. A needle connected with a Humazon-extension is required. The blood will bubble in the bottle.

Die Humares1 GmbH 21 215x300 Sangiset<sup>®</sup>

  • 300 ml combination bottle
  • 263 µm blood filter integrated
  • 140 cm drip line
  • Roller clamp
  • Luer lock connection
  • Transparent combination bottle with scale
  • Thermally insulated
  • Stores the actual blood temperatur
  • Vacuum connection
  • Injection valve for the delivery of medication
  • Latex-free
  • Produced in accordance with GMP guidelines
  • Double-wrapped in accordance with hospital standards
  • Sterilised with ethylene oxide
  • Ozone seminars are regularly offered in combination with the Sangiset®

Suitable for:

  • Sangiperl gas application
  • Normobaric ozone therapy
  • Hyperbaric ozone therapy
  • UV irradiation
  • Ozone water
  • All ozone therapy devices

Article No.  EM 200 packaging unit, 30 pcs

Extensive bio-compatibility tests such as cytotoxicity, sensitisation, irritation, haemocompatibility and many more confirm its safe use in everyday practice.

Sangiset® is classified according to the EU Directive on Medical Products 93/42/EEC as a IIa device and certified by the EUROCAT/BSI Institute for Certification and Testing GmbH (CE 0086).