Po₂ monitor, transcutaneous (bloodless) Po₂ measurement

The classic method for determining the patient’s oxygen supply

Die Humares1 GmbH 131 298x300 Oxygen Monitor  TM 300T

Po₂ Monitor TM 300T


    • Simple and straightforward oxygen status determination (transcutaneously)
    • Electronic temperature control
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Cable break monitoring
    • Countdown timer
    • Stable sensor technology
    • Short measuring times (15 minutes)
    • Easy-to-read LCD display
    • 2 year device guarantee
    • Accessories kit including instructions, film dispenser, preparator, calibration unit, electrolyte, thermal contact material, double-sided adhesive rings
    • Free oxygen multistep therapy (OMT) DVD available
Die Humares1 GmbH 141 300x224 Oxygen Monitor  TM 300T

Accessories kit

Can be transported and shipped in its original box(approx. 2 kg, depth 42 cm, width 30 cm, height 16 cm).

The PO2 monitor is classified according to the EU Directive on Medical Products 93/42/EEC as a IIa device and certified by the EUROCAT/BSI Institute for Certification and Testing GmbH (CE 0086).

Article No.: Po2-3