Fundamentals of a healthy body

“Death begins in the gut.”

This quote by the famous physician Paracelsus from the 16th century has become a dangerous truth with severe consequences for human beings. Gastrointestinal ailments are on the rise due to today’s dietary habits, lack of exercise and increased stress levels.

A healthy intestinal flora with a natural biocoenosis of intestinal bacteria fulfils many different tasks: The intestinal flora trains our defence system, protects us from infections, converts certain vitamins into a useful form, produces important messenger substances such as the happiness hormone serotonin and protects against overgrowth of other disease-causing bacteria and fungi.

Thus, a healthy bowel is the basic prerequisite for well-being and health due to the intestine’s wealth of lymphatic defence cells. What good is a healthy diet if the intestinal mucosa is not intact, vitamins cannot be absorbed and disease-causing poisons that burden the body are generated due to fermentation and decay?

Current living conditions

Impairment of the intestinal function is most often a consequence of an unbalanced diet. Lack of exercise, poisons of indulgence such as alcohol and nicotine, environmental strain and medication abuse also contribute to miscolonisation of the intestine. “Dysbiosis”, an abnormal colonisation of intestinal bacteria, occurs. The consequences are disease-causing bacteria and fungi that multiply as their metabolic product enters into the blood unfiltered via the intestinal mucosa.