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Dr. Pei informs ( translated from Chinese )

This epidemic is a national catastrophe for China. Regardless of their own safety, countless medical workers dedicate themselves to the fight against the virus
and to the welfare of the affected patients. Some fight in designated hospitals all over the country, others directly at the front in Wuhan.

In order to support the efforts of these brave people, through various channels Humares has taken active steps to obtain surgical masks, N95-masks and coats from China, USA, Canada and Germany. A large number of protective gear, medical hardware and expendable items like protective caps, masks, goggles, infrared
thermometers, disinfectives etc. were donated to the medical teams of the affiliated hospitals of the China Medical University and to the Anti-Epidemic Officers
at the front line in Hubei, to assist them in their struggle against the epidemic.

In addition to the donation of hardware and expendables, Humares also actively supports the doctors by applying ozonetreatment, data-collection and research – with good results.