Euphoton® EN600NT

the versatile UV radiation device 

Euphoton EN600NT 

  • Practice-tested and practice-relevant
  • Scientifically verified patient benefit
  • Easily implementable and delegable
  • Optimised efficacy safety due to disposable treatment sets and consistently regulated
    UV-C light intensity by means of a microprocessor and UV-C sensors
  • 1 device – 3 procedures: UVE, UVB, HOT
  • Space-saving setup, ideally suited for home visits (UVE, UVB)
  • Highly profitable (highest score in profitability check)
  • Free Euphoton EN60 0NT DVD available



The functionality of the UV light tube can be checked here.

The UV light tube can be switched on and off here.

The device automatically indicates when it is ready for operation and when it must be returned for maintenance.

1 device – 3 possible therapy procedures: UVB/HOT/UVE

  • Treatment of celebral, cardial and peripheral circulatory disorders (UVB/HOT)
  • Treatment of immunodeficiency, disorder (recurring infections) (UVE, UVB/HOT)
  • Treatment of allergies (UVE, UVB/HOT)
  • Cancer-concomitant therapy for radiation, chemotherapy and relapse prevention (UVB/HOT)
  • Treatment of rheumatism (UVB/HOT)
  • Treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) (UVB/HOT)
  • Surgery-concomitant for improved infection protection and wound healing
    (approx. 4 sessions before the surgery and approx. 2 sessions after the surgery) (UVB/HOT)
  • Tertiary prevention for increasing vitality and quality of life
    • In convalescence (UVB/HOT)
    • In geriatrics (UVB/HOT)
    • Long-term therapy for chronically ill patients (repeat 1 session monthly/quarterly after a series of approx. 10 sessions) (UVB/HOT)
  • Primary prevention for ensuring quality of life and physical-mental capacity
    • Ensuring optimal circulation of all vital organs (UVB/HOT)
    • Production of optimal immune defences as infection and cancer protection (UVB/HOT)
    • Improvement of cell metabolism (UVE, UVB/HOT)

Customer satisfaction

We have used the products of Humares GmbH for over 10 years and are extremely satisfied.

Doctor 2

“My Humares device is absolutely reliable and has never let me down throughout my entire career over many years."

Doctor 3

“The handling is extremely convenient. Even home visits are not a problem with the small and convenient Humazona device."

“The convincing cost-benefit ratio also provides a great platform for me as a career entrant in terms of amortisation and profitability."