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Application examples of our technology

Due to our industry network that has grown over the years, we often receive amazing practical
examples of the effectiveness and treatment success of ozone, and we would like to share some of these reports with you.

Here you can find selected reports from international sources. We look forward to receiving a message from you
if you yourself have gained some interesting insights that you would like to share with us. Just send your message to

Nucleolysis / Chemonucleolysis

Some example cases of alternative application forms for ozone therapy

  Ozone And Vitamin C – By Dr. Horst Kief, MD

  Ozone the Paradox: Ozone Is Both A Strong Oxidant And Medication – By Prof. Dr. Velio Bocci

  Ebola And Ozone-Oxygen Therapy | (Source: Fachzeitschrift für Neurobiologie Hier & Now, Institute For Neurobiology According To Dr. Klinghardt (ed.), 17th Volume, Issue 1-2015, p. 25-29,

  Rectal Intestinal Insufflation

   Nucleolysis With Oxygen-Ozone

   Aids Paper

   AIDS Ozone AHIT Rev 230804

   Chronic Hepatitis And Ozone

   EHK Ozone


   AHIT On Cancer


   Basic Values Of Ozone Therapy

    Treatment Of Peripheral Circulation Disorders With Ozone-Oxygen Therapy

   Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

   Ozone Therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Source: Rowen, R.J., Robins, H. Ozone Therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Review and Case Report. Curr Pain Headache Rep 23,41 (2019). (

Ozone-oxygen therapy in dentistry

  Antimicrobial Potential of Ozone in an Ultrasonic Cleaning System Against Staphylococcus aureus| (Source: Brazilian Dental Journal, Braz. Dent. J. vol.17 no.2 Ribeirão Preto 2006,

  Transmission routes of 2019-nCoV and controls in dental practice| (Source: International Journal of Oral Science volume 12, Article number: 9 (2020),