Humares Features

Practical features of the Humazon® device series

Humares Features

The ozone sampling valve is especially important for ozone-oxygen therapy devices. The patented ozone sampling valve of Humares® GmbH is protected by a mechanical device that has been specifically developed to guard against contamination and provide electronic monitoring. This version of the automatic protection mechanism is a unique feature on the market.

  • Lateral shifting ensures simple ozone sampling
  • Problem-free locking due to the usage of sterile filters
  • Permanent dust-proof sealing
  • Easy removal for disinfection purposes by turning counter-clockwise

Further characteristics of Humazon® ozone therapy devices:

Simple operation combined with the highest security, user-friendliness and important functions for daily operation in practice are criteria that are realised in Humazon® ozone therapy devices.


  • Automatic functional check
  • Checking the sampling valve and oxygen supply
  • Purging the pneumatic hose system with oxygen


  • Precisely configurable ozone concentration (0, 1, 2, 3,… up to 80 µg/ml)


  • Automatic calculation and display of the dispensed ozone dose


  • Ensures gentle blood sampling due to the integrated ozone evacuator with thermally self-initiated catalyser
  • Individually adjustable from 0 up to -400 mbar

Sangiset® combination bottle – the original

Ozone treatment with the Sangiset® combination bottle

The certified infusion combination bottle was specifically developed for major autohaemotherapy and contains all required disposable items: infusion line with blood filter and roller clamp, gassing line and one injection valve. Sangiset® is manufactured according to the GMP hospital standard and sterilised with ethylene oxide after packaging, which ensures the greatest possible safety for aseptically flawless autohaemotherapy in a closed system.
The advantages of Sangiset®, compared to conventional vacuum glass bottles, are guaranteed patient safety without exception due to a fully aseptic treatment system, rupture safety, user-friendliness and time saving since all required disposable items are already included.

Autohaemotherapy in a closed System

Ozone is inserted from the top into the closed Sangiset® system up to the blood.

Sangiperl System

The ozone-oxygen mixture is inserted from the bottom into the Sangiset® device, which causes blood foaming.