Humazon® ProMedic

the universal ozone-/oxygen therapy device

Humazon® ProMedic

  • Automatic cleaning and functional check
  • Digital display of ozone concentration, dose and vacuum
  • Countdown timer, 1-15 minutes with start/stop function ensures fully automatic gassing procedures
  • Thermal ozone catalyser that safely turns the ozone into oxygen again
  • Early detection of insufficient oxygen supply
  • Simple operation
  • Practical tray provides a quick overview of all disposable items required for therapy
  • 2-year device warranty
  • 10-year warranty on ozone tube
  • Regular offers for practical ozone seminars Free Humazon® DVD available
  • Compatible with the patented Sangiset® system
  • Increased gas flow and high-performance vacuum pump ensures
    problem-free continuous operation



The vacuum is individually configured from 0 up to -400 mbar with the built-in ozone evacuator with thermally self-initiated catalyser, which ensures gentle blood sampling.

indicates ozone concentration, ozone dose and the vacuum that is configured via the respective regulator

for required disposable items

Dust-proof sealing with a spring balancer and electronic contamination monitoring

  • Minor autohaemotherapy (MiAT) as i.m. injection
  • Major autohaemotherapy (MaAT) as extracorporeal haemotherapy
  • Rectal intestinal insufflation
  • Neural therapy with ozone/oxygen
  • Local injections (subcutaneous injection (s.c.))
    • Intramuscular injection (i.m.)
    • Intracutaneous injection (i.c.)
    • Intraosseous injections (i.o. – only in dentistry)
    • Percutaneous intradiscal injection for herniated lumbar disc (nucleolysis)
  • Vacuum bag gassing/Extremities gassing
  • Ozonised water
  • Nasal reflex douche for tinnitus and sinusitis
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Oxidative stress
  • Wound healing disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Blood circulation disorders
  • Infection protection
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Chronic-inflammatory diseases
  • Lipometabolic disorders
  • Complementary oncology
  • Fibromyalgia

Ozone concentration: 0-80 μg / ml + / – 5 %
Gas flow: 600 ml / min
Suction capacity: 6,5 l / min,
vacuum up to -400 mbar
System pressure: 0,7 bar  ensures swift filing of a
plastic syringe with silicone membrane
Weight: 6 kg

Customer satisfaction

We have used the products of Humares GmbH for over 10 years and are extremely satisfied.

Doctor 2

“My Humares device is absolutely reliable and has never let me down throughout my entire career over many years."

Doctor 3

“The handling is extremely convenient. Even home visits are not a problem with the small and convenient Humazona device."

“The convincing cost-benefit ratio also provides a great platform for me as a career entrant in terms of amortisation and profitability."