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Subject-specific and practical information

We offer a wide range of seminars for attendees with different levels of background knowledge on the topics of ozone, colon and UVE/UVB/HOT therapy. Our guest lecturers and medical device advisors are happy to assist you with subject-specific and practical information.

The seminars are a good opportunity to get to know the functionality of our devices, receive useful information for possible therapy forms and gain practical experience by testing the operation of our devices in a realistic setting.

Seminar Date Place Registration
Therapiekonzepte der Neuraltherapie in Kombination mit
Ozon-/Sauerstoff von A(rthrose) – Z(ahn) – (Tag 1&2)
Basiskurs Anatomie in der Universität Rostock (Tag 3)
25./26./27.02.2021 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde Anmeldung