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 We develop, produce and distribute high-quality medical devices for ozone-/oxygen therapy, colon-/hydro therapy and photobiological autohaemotherapy.

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Service is our top priority

We sell our products in over 60 countries through competent service and distribution partners. More than 8,000 customers from hospitals and practices, industry and science have placed their trust in us over the course of many decades. The medical device advisors of Humares® GmbH are happy to assist you in word and deed and are available weekdays from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm under the telephone number +49 (0)7257-929700. We also offer a broad spectrum of seminars and workshops in order for customers to familiarise themselves with our products, receive information about therapy forms and share experiences. We always strive to keep free replacement devices on hand within the course of required technical safety checks and repairs (in compliance with the Medical Devices Act) so that our customers’ downtimes are kept to a minimum.

A success story for over 40 years

“Stability, accuracy, quality and, not least, simplicity” are the success criteria for Humares® GmbH (derived from: human – research) from the technology region Karlsruhe-Bruchsal. These characteristics have become foundational pillars and resulted in a success story of the owner-managed company that has spanned over 40 years.

Since the founding of the company by the owner K.-A. Hübner, Humares® GmbH has stood for innovation, user-friendliness, longevity, high-quality workmanship and an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Patient safety as well as quick amortisation are a development priority for each of our products. German workmanship and the joy of continuous further development have made us one of the market-leading companies in our industry sector. National and international patents, registered designs and countless certificates confirm the spirit of research that lives within Humares® GmbH.

Ozone-/oxygen therapy


This form of therapy takes advantage of the disinfecting, antiseptic and circulation-promoting properties of medical ozone. The therapy is extremely versatile, activates the immune system and has a revitalising effect.

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Colon-/hydro therapy

This effective treatment method is a modern form of colonic irrigation that naturally and hygienically clears the colon of waste products, possible deposits and harmful bacteria.

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Photobiological autohaemotherapy


This biologic therapy has been practised for many decades and is used for the treatment of circulation disorders and their secondary diseases, but also for strengthening the immune system and improving the general condition.

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Made in Germany

We exclusively develop and manufacture our products in Germany in the technology region
which is reflected in the quality of our products.
Humares® GmbH maintains a quality management system
according to ISO 13485.

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